New startup Appurify aims to enhance the app testing process

Appurify are offering a new testing service for mobile developers, by providing access to a variety of different iOS and Android mobile devices. This in turn, helps developers test their web-based or native mobile applications.

The Appurify machines run with a variety of network conditions and on multiple wireless carriers’ networks, which provide a full overview of application behaviours.  Through web-based software, developers can check the results of the tests and inspect granular data from the devices, in order to gain clearer insight into what might have gone wrong.  Further to this, developers can run tests continuously to see how application performance improves or degrades over time.

The Appurify Mobile Platform could be useful for a wide range of companies that are thinking about ways to mobilize their desktop applications.   The many configurations of Appurify’s hundreds of mobile devices could raise the standards for testing mobile apps.  Check out this link for further detail on this story.

Image by hinedelhinedel.

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