New smartphone designs challenge our hearts & minds

Did we miss a conference* for new smartphones or technology? You see, last week we came across the digital equivalent of an exhibition hall of new phone announcements and each one leaves us in a near-panic like state of crave. Seriously, some cool as heck new phones are in the works – or should be – and they are all forcing us to reconsider the long-held assumptions we’ve had about what to expect from our smartphones up until now. We bet you’ll agree that this list could make you rethink that gizmo you’re currently stuffing into your back pocket.

For starters – and this list is in no particular order – let’s take a look at the new Android phone announced by Marshall. Yes, the same people that make the headphones and amplifiers – they have produced this very cool phone that they are calling London …

It has two front-facing speakers, two audio outputs, plus a dedicated M button at the top of the handset for instant access to your music. A gold-colored scroll wheel is for volume control. According to The Verge, “Marshall is also touting the high-quality audio processing inside the London and is bundling a set of its Marshall Mode in-ear headphones to complete the package.” Apparently it was designed and developed by Creior with Zound Industries More pix of the phone are available here.

Need something more hardcore? Then check out the Turning Phone by Turing Robotics Industries, which is an Android-based smartphone that they claim is indestructible (stronger than steel) and unhackable. It looks gorgeous, and you can find out more about it on the company’s website.

Bolt in Indonesia released a new low-priced 4G LTE smartphone for customers in that region; and Xolo has released a new 3G phone they are calling Era for consumers in India.

Also in India, Intex plans to release its first phone using the Sailfish OS. You can get a peek at that phone in this hands-on video from an event last week:

Just today, Yu announced the Yureka Plus with a full 1080p HD display and an improved camera.

And, to wrap up, let’s consider one phone that was announced, and one that is currently still just a dream … The first is the Commodore PET – and while named for the personal computer of days gone by, this is an Android smartphone with some fairly decent specs. We just love that it brings back such fond memories of Commodore. You can learn more about it here.

Smart Boy concept phone.

Finally – the phone that is still just a day-dream away is – as Gizmodo describes it – the smartphone that Nintendo should make.  The “Smart Boy” is a concept phone. As they note in the story, “Designed by Pierre Cerveau, it has everything a Nintendo lover could dream of giving a phone, from power-saving 8-bit mode to a ‘Game Bat’ controller that basically turns the thing into a DS.” Check out the gallery for the full details about this phone that sadly may never come to fruition – but we sure hope it does.

*OK, there was MWC in Shanghai last week, but most of the above items had nothing to do with that event.

Featured image of Smart Boy concept phone by Pierre Cerveau.

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