NativeX guarantees game developers at least 30% increase in ad revenue

In an attempt to get game developers to switch to “native ads” for mobile games, NativeX is offering to boost in-app game revenue by 30% or more after 30 days — or it will pay developers $30,000.

Native ads are ads that are displayed inside a game and might take the form of a pop-up where a game’s character asks if the player wants to buy a special power-up. Such ads can bring in important revenue at a time when two out of three game developers aren’t breaking even.

Justin Mauldin, director of marketing communications at Minnesota-based NativeX, said that the offer reflects NativeX’s confidence in its native ad platform, which is available now in the form of its SDK. The platform allows game developers to get creative with their ads, offering rewards, high-definition video, expandable icons, multi-offer, custom rich media, and small, medium, and large-sized interstitials. Developers have to implement their ads by March 1 to take advantage of the offer.

Find out more about NativeX’s offer here.

Image by E-Plus Gruppe Fotostream.

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