Native Summit, September 2014

Richard was at the Native Summit in London last week. The event was firmly aimed at native iOS, Android or Windows Phone developers. Little surprise then that the representatives speaking on behalf of each platform were all critical of the rising number of cross platform tools available to developers.

Mike Lee even went as far as to say that there is nothing that Apple hates more than reviewing apps that were clearly designed for another platform and then pushing an inferior version out on iOS. And whilst the design distinction may not be as clear between iOS and Android as it is between Windows Phone and the others, the point was well made.

Overall a well-attended event, sold out but with a few empty chairs at the cinema venue, these no doubt the product of the inevitable on-the-day no shows. (Somebody should figure out a way of getting this no show figure down).

One other interesting point for those involved in running developer programs: This event was largely run and apparently funded by Microsoft and yet it had the appearance, content and style of an independent event. Whilst never wanting to deceive your attendees this is an approach to events which is worth exploring further.

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