Mozilla launches the Firefox OS App Manager

Following the announcement, last week, of Firefox OS devices being released in more markets, Mozilla has launched the Firefox OS App Manager. Making it easier for developers to build and debug Firefox OS apps on a connected device or on its simulator.  The new App Manager replaces the old Simulator Dashboard to provide an integrated debug and deployment environment for Firefox OS apps.

The tool can be used to install hosted and packaged apps, as well as to debug them on the device. Using the App Manager, developers can also take screenshots, get a list of all the apps currently installed on the device and get a list of the APIs available to their apps, as well as the privilege level required to use them.  Developers can also use it to update, start, stop and debug system-level apps using the regular Firefox developer tools to modify the HTML, CSS on the fly and to debug JavaScript code using the standard Firefox debugger.

The App Manager is now available in Firefox’s pre-Beta Aurora release channel (version 26). This current version is scheduled to be officially released in December.

Find out how to get started here.

Image by mozillaeu.

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