Mozilla Firefox OS Flame smartphone available for preorder

After years of talking about a Firefox OS Flame phone, it was announced yesterday that preorders had opened via everbuying.com. It has been revealed that Mozilla partnered with independent design house and manufacturer T2Mobile to manufacture the phone. 

The phone will run on Mozilla’s own Firefox OS, which uses web-based apps instead of native apps – similar to leading mobile operating systems iOS and Android. It was designed for the mid-tier phone hardware market, in order to target the developer and contributor community. Additionally, the phone has a software-configurable RAM option that can emulate a variety of different Firefox OS devices that will be available later this year, making it well suited for developers to begin developing and testing.

Mozilla eluded to a lower cost phone (around $25) at MWC in February therefore, it will be interesting to see if this initial device will evolve into the cheaper version. This would be a strategic move from Mozilla in order to compete with Nokia and other handset manufacturers focusing on emerging markets.  

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