Microsoft’s ‘Threshold’ initiative will further unify Windows

After bringing the Windows core to Windows Phone and the Xbox One, Microsoft is planning further integration between all of its platforms in a few years, codename “Threshold.”

Microsoft’s operating system head Terry Myerson recently referred to the Threshold codename in an internal e-mail, regarding his plans for a new unified OS engineering group. Threshold refers to a new slew of upgrades coming to Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the Xbox One, and not a single new operating system project.

Microsoft has been planning for a unified experience ever since it made Windows Phone’s live tiles and flat design the centerpiece of Windows 8′s look. With last year’s Windows Phone 8 release, Microsoft brought the Windows 8 core to its mobile devices. The recently released Xbox One also includes Windows as one of its three operating systems, and runs apps like Skype and Netflix.

The company announced its new “One Microsoft” reorganization this year to push all of its services to work better together. Expected around spring 2015, the Threshold imitative will reportedly enable all Windows-based devices to perform “high value activities,” including expression and documents (likely including Office); decision-making and task completion; IT management; and “serious fun.”

Image by vernieman.

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