Microsoft’s Project Siena lets you create an app without development experience

To help non-programmers build basic applications in minutes, Microsoft has released “Project Siena” to the Windows Store.

Siena’s release will primarily empower business users to create apps which cater to their very specific needs. This may be using their expertise combined with the ability to tap into large data pools.  The experience is very similar to that of ‘App Studio’ released for Windows Phone applications, and functions as a (greatly) stripped-down version of Visual Studio.

The applications interface can be created through the usual suspect of components including; text blocks, galleries (images, text, or both), video, audio, toggle buttons, list boxes, and input boxes. You can add navigation, get input from the user and store/display it.

Microsoft has given examples of what has already been created by Siena which include apps to explore media-rich product catalogues; apps used on the spot to resolve customer service bottlenecks and logistics exceptions; and apps for auditing and inspecting a manufacturing facility through photos, videos, and pen and voice notes, all tied to an asset database.

Install Siena, watch one of the how-to videos, and then build your app.

Image by comedy_nose.

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