Microsoft updates Windows Phone App Studio

Microsoft has updated its Windows Phone App Studio in a bid to encourage app development for its Windows Phone Platform. The update improves both the graphical diversity of apps and SkyDrive integration.  In an earlier post, we reported that Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Store had exceeded 30,000 applications within the first two days, Microsoft was not expecting such demand and had to limit the inflow of new users for a period. Windows Phone App Store intends to help users without coding experience to create an app,

The update allows users access to photos they have on SkyDrive within their application, navigation has been improved, new icons, backgrounds, and stock images that are available to developers, and bug fixes and performance enhancement are part of the total package.

A final improvement is cleaner code samples. Microsoft claims to have made progress by improving generated code, and is striving for “clean and lean code.” Better code is simpler to understand for beginners, the key audience for the platform.

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