Microsoft unveil ‘Universal Windows Apps’

Yesterday, Microsoft announced  their new “universal Windows apps“.  This initiative will enable developers to consolidate their app development by constructing applications for phones, tablets and personal computers.

In a bid to differentiate from Apple and Google – Microsoft have streamlined every phase of the development cycle; including easier ways to build, debug, and deploy applications across multiple kinds of devices.  As the demand for software companies to support mobile devices grows, operating system vendors like Microsoft need to simplify work for developers.  So the move makes sense — particularly as Microsoft rolls out with Windows Phone 8.1.

Within Microsoft Visual Studio, it’s now possible to convert existing apps into “universal Windows apps” and easily launch them into the Windows Store.  And in the Windows Store you can buy a single app and use it on multiple devices.  It’ll be interesting to see how Google and Apple react to this new initiative.

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Image by sjsharktank

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