Microsoft reveal their Surface slate, and more….

For the last week or so, Microsoft have been laying down some not-so-subtle hints about a big announcement at their #wpsummit, which occurred yesterday. Rumours flew around about what the announcements would be. Was it going to be Windows 8, a new tablet computer,  a new technology roadmap… Well it turns out, all of the above.

Microsoft revealed the release of their game changing Windows 8 operating system and their new not-quite-tablet-not-quite-desktop-device, ‘Surface’. The details include a 10.6″ touchscreen, either Intel or ARM processors, a cover that transforms into a multi-touch keyboard, and a kickstand integrated into the back of the device. It looks quintessentially like a tablet. What it means as a product is something quite different.

This is something the world has been eagerly anticipating from the technology giant, the next generation of Windows computers. This is by no means the new desktop standard, it is for arguments sake, a tablet. A rival to the iPad and to the many many Android tablets out their.

We also now have the answer to the question every WP7 owner has been asking? ‘Will I be able to upgrade my device to Windows 8?’ – The answer is No. Unfortunately not, however it will be getting an OS update which will allow users access to some of the features that are available on the next gen devices.

The big question now, is will it be too late for MS to get into the tablet and smartphone race that has, until now, been dominated by just two – Apple and Google.



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