Microsoft plans to launch a Smartwatch

It’s been leaked that Microsoft is planning to launch a new smartwatch that will be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Forbes has reported that the watch will reportedly have heart rate monitoring capabilities and a two-day battery life, relying on technology used by Xbox Kinect engineers to enable the watch to track its wearer’s heart rate at all times.

This comes just one day after Samsung announced its plans for Simband, a fitness tracking wristband that will also be able to continuously monitor a user’s heartbeat.

Amid speculation of a summer launch date, Microsoft have actually made little mention of its strategy for wearables, with the company announcing earlier this year that it would not be charging developers to use Windows on devices with screens smaller than 9 inches, including wearables. The first software development kit for Windows on Devices, Microsoft’s platform for connected devices, is planned for late Spring – so watch this space. 

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Image by Robert Scoble

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