Microsoft has released its new Windows 8.1 update ahead of schedule

Microsoft has decided to give developers access to the new Windows 8.1 update so they can start testing and developing before the public release.   Developers who subscribed to Microsoft’s TechNet and MSDN developer services were allowed access to new releases before consumers to ensure the new versions did not break their code for their applications.  Microsoft’s developer community is pleased to be having early access to the update, especially as it features changes to the appearance and the way programs work.

In order to make it more prominent, there will be a change to the start button – it will be partially restored it and visible at all times when working with the desktop version. Windows 8.1 will also allow users to easily choose between the touchscreen display and the desktop interface with a mouse click on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Windows 8.1 is due to be released to the public on 18 October.

Image by Nabor Garrido.


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