Ludei adds support for WebGL 3D applications

Ludei, a game development platform which provides developers with the tools to turn HTML5 games into iOS and Android native applications (without changing any code), has announced it will be adding support for WebGL 3D applications to its platform.

Ludei’s 3D support will be available this summer to allow developers to deliver 3D gaming across  a range of devices, whether it’s a computer, smartphone or tablet. The 3D support will make it simpler for developers to run 3D HTML5 games on devices without having to determine if the device has built-in 3D support to display the game or not.

It will support 3D game development via the open WebGL standard: the browser equivalent of OpenGL, the industry standard for deploying powerful 3D animated games. Ludei has claimed developers using its technology will be able to “quickly build, accelerate, driver revenue, test and deploy” their 3D HTML5 projects.

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Image by zigazou76

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