Locket launches a new SDK that pushes ads to Android lock screens

Locket, the Android app that pays you for unlocking your smartphone, has launched a toolkit for app developers that will allow them to publish their own content to users’ lock screens. That means when users see adverts for apps on their phone’s screen, they can open up the app itself with just a swipe, similar to how a push notification works. These ads, for brands, businesses, movies, apps and more, can take users to websites, Facebook Pages, coupons, or movie trailers: or they can just launch the app in question, as is the case with those publishers adopting the new Locket SDK.

The new SDK is mainly for developers’ content, instead of ads. For instance, a game developer could show the current leader board or user’s score. But the content appearing on the lock screen is still a kind of an advertisement – the interactive content appearing there are “first-glance” ads.

Interested app publishers should reach out to Locket directly to learn more.

Image by osde8info.

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