LG opens its QSlide feature to third party developers

LG’s QSlide was one of the most helpful features introduced with the G2 device, offering the ability to run one app in a smaller window upfront while a second full-screen app runs in the background. QSlide only works with a limited number of applications, but that’s set to change thanks to a new SDK that’s opening up the multi-tasking feature for third-party developers.

The QSlide SDK, offers up several APIs that let developers add their own apps to LG’s notification bar. You can easily make a smaller floating app go full-screen or adjust its size, position and transparency. The company has even set up an online forum for developers to discuss any issues they face while working with the SDK.

It’s great to see LG opening up elements of its Android UI to third-party developers, though it’s a little surprising it’s taken this long for an SDK to launch.

Image by John.Karakatsanis

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