Jelly Bean claims 59.1% of Android device share

Google has released its first Android device share data for 2014, where we see many users are using a newer OS version but not the latest version. The new KitKat release climbed to 1.4%of active devices in January, whilst Jelly Bean, the older software jumped from 54.5% in December to 59.1% this month.

KitKat remains limited to mostly Google hardware, whether it’s the Nexus line or Motorola phones; it hasn’t yet reached that point where large numbers of third-party devices have KitKat pre-installed or have scheduled KitKat upgrades. That surge may come soon, however, it’s great that over 60% of Android’s active customer base is reasonably up to speed.

Read the full report here.

Image by Stephane <3.

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