Is that perfectly Clear?

One of the most exciting apps to have gone straight to No 1 in the apps charts (and remained so within its Productivity category since) is iPhone’s Clear: “Life is messy..simplify with Clear”.

Some of the market reviews have described it as “one of the most beautiful and inspired apps we’ve ever used” (Business Insider) or “the most beautiful, simplistic to-do app, ever” (The Industry).

So what is about a task management app that is creating such a buzz?

Fundamentally, it’s not its functionality.  It keeps coming back to the revolutionary GUI. Thenextweb.com explains “there are apps that make you re-think the way that you’ve been using apps altogether, breaking the mold and re-forming it with just a few minutes of use.” Its first smart act is to hand-hold you through how to interact with this new gesture based interface. These actions aren’t new – tapping, swiping, pinching and pulling but adapting to an app which has no buttons, no real navigation menu and no settings icons is. Reviewers are raving about its fun, colourful, musical experience describing marking items as finished as ‘joyfully satisfying’. This is all very well, but does it really help simplify your life?

Those in the less- than- impressed camp criticise its lack of features and the absence of custom push notifications. Its very simplicity is in fact its limitations.

One reviewer in MacWorld said “(it) doesn’t organize my life, but it makes my life a little more organized without getting in the way, and for that…I’m thankful.”

What is apparent, is that Clear is an example of how we will all be interacting with our multi-touch  platforms in the future.

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