Is Apple still finding its way with mapping?

Not a new story, but a frustrating one for over 100 million users. The story that has been a hot topic since the public release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 is the massive shortcomings of Apple Maps.


Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, publicly apologised for the failings of Apple’s new mapping service.  iOS users suffered a myriad of misinformation and mistakes including the relocation of London to Ontario, the disappearance of Paddington Station from London, a previously undiscovered airport in Dublin and the Ukrainian capital city being renamed to Kylv.


This was, at first glance, blamed on Apple’s new mapping partner TomTom as it supplies the map data to Apple. However this has been staunchly defended by the Holland-based company, stating that it only supplies mapping data and does not create the applications.


As a result, Tim Cook publicly promoted the use of rival mapping services as a stopgap before Apple sort itself out. But before we get settled down into Google maps again just remember Apple have a track record of world class products and it has invested a lot in this new service. Do you remember the complaints about Siri? Now around 90% of all iPhone 4S users use at least one of Siri’s features.


The long and short of it is simple. Apple released Maps too soon, but what would life be without a little drama?

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