In one month Apple has paid out over $1bn to developers

According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, Apple has now paid out a total $8bn to iOS app developers. On the 7th January it announced that it had paid out $7bn – so that’s a billion-dollar month for developers.

To put that in perspective; if you were Rovio, it would take 1.4bn Angry Bird downloads for you to earn that $1bn.

While we all agree this is a big number and an even bigger milestone for Apple, we wonder how much of that developer revenue has gone to top brands and how much to everyone else?

So why share such delicious news with the developer world? Easy. Money. If you had an idea for the world’s next best app, which platform(s) would you develop it for?  Mr. Cook has just given you eight billion reasons to choose iOS.

Image by meronek

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