Improved App insight by linking Google Analytics with Google Play

To make it easier for developers to know more about their users, from how they discover apps, what devices they use, what they do when they use an app and how often they return to it – Google Analytics has now integrated with the Google Play Developer Console.  Developers are able to link their Google Analytics account with their Google Play Developer Console to get powerful new insights into their app’s user acquisition and engagement.

In Google Analytics, a new report can be accessed highlighting which campaigns are driving the most views, installs, and new users in Google Play. In the Developer Console, new app stats are available that let developers easily see their app’s engagement based on Analytics data.  This combined data can help developers take their app business to the next level, especially if they’re using multiple campaigns or monetising through advertisements and in-app products that depend on high engagement.

Linking Google Analytics to the Developer Console is straightforward, firstly developers will need to integrate Google Analytics into their app. Download the Google Analytics SDK for Android and then look at the developer documentation to learn how to add Analytics to your app. Once Analytics are integrated, upload the app to the Developer Console.  Next, link the Developer Console to Google Analytics. To do this, go to the Developer Console and select the app. At the bottom of the Statistics page, there are directions about how to complete the linking. The process takes just a few moments.

Once the Analytics account has been linked tot he Developer Console, a new report in Google Analytics called Google Play Referral Flow will be viewable. This report details each of the campaigns and the user traffic that they drive, as well as how many users viewed listing page in Google Play and how many went on to install the app and ultimately launch it on their mobile devices.

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