I’m a celebrity and I like the Windows Phone 8.

As we all know, the much anticipated Windows Phone 8 was launched at the end of last month. It came with many new additions including; the live tiles start screen, kid’s corner, Nokia Maps and Office Hub. The launch event was primarily focused on the new features of Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8, it was kept simplistic and uncomplicated.

However, to guarantee Windows Phone 8 would continue to receive media attention post-launch, Microsoft chose to invest a chunk of its budgeted $1.5 billion marketing expenditure on celebrity endorsement. It has enlisted the help of many high-profile celebrities to bring both status and followers to the brand.

Jessica Alba was the first to pop up, as she attended the Windows event in San Francisco alongside Microsoft bosses who pledged to bring more apps to the platform. She played her role as a working mother and a business owner, explaining how she has personalised her Windows Phone 8 to suit her.

Holly Willoughby and Will Arnett have since featured in Windows Phone 8 adverts, both of which use a very different tone to interact with the consumer. Holly Willoughby is shown in a similar light to Jessica Alba, as she talks directly to the camera and explains how she has tailored her Windows Phone around her life as a mother with the help of several apps, such as; ‘Rooms’ for her family to store photos etc.

Will Arnett is much more comical as he shows off his lavish lifestyle with his tiger-print sports car, swimming pool and cute puppy. The short clip tells the viewer how they can replace his current personal assistant ‘Tod’ for a day, in a competition sponsored by AT&T.

The list doesn’t end there either as Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani and James Corden are rumoured to be amongst the celebrities to still feature in Windows Phone 8 promotions. All of which have a large following of fans, both online and offline.

Whilst this isn’t anything new, it will do exactly what it says on the tin. Whether it heightens the interest of those actively seeking information about Windows Phone 8, or draws in those who had no initial interest until the celebrities featured in the campaign, remains to be seen. However, in effect it should prolong the shelf life of the excitement currently surrounding Windows Phone 8, to make sure it doesn’t go out of fashion before it has even reached its peak.


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