Google to issue refunds to parents over unauthorized in-app purchases.

Google is set to pay out at least $19 million following a formal complaint made by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The problem of children making in-app purchases, without the consent of their parents, is something that Apple have already had to face. Back in January, they had to pay out an estimated $32.5 million in restitution to customers who had been charged for purchases made without their consent.

The FTC complaint alleged that Google was no different in this regard. Google had taken steps to curb this practice by requiring password confirmation before any purchases could be made. However, they didn’t fully explain to consumers that there was a 30 minute post-purchase window whereby further transactions could take place without any further verification.

The FTC verdict was that Google hadn’t done enough to protect their customers, and need to modify their billing practices to ensure they have explicit, informed permission for payments.

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Image by Carlos Luna

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