Google removes $150M in Android developer payments

Google finalised critical changes to its Google Play Developer Policies. Adverts within notifications are now banned and adding an ad-focused new icon on an Android user’s home screen is also banned. These changes began in late August, giving developers 30 days to update their apps. Google discovered at least 20,000 apps which will have to change their ways and stop abusing their users — or risk being removed from Google Play.

This clear up process will benefit the user by offering a better user experience, which in turn will lead to increased usage and more trust in Android.  By supporting this, Google could be taking as much as $150 million of developer revenue out of the ecosystem.

Rob Weber, Co-founder of native ad network NativeX says “50-80% of Google Play’s revenue was from spam advertising, which is revenue that developers who want to continue to monetise will have to replace.”

This week is the first week of the new Google Play guidelines, and non-compliant apps risk being removed – you have been warned.

Image by paulswansen.


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