Google releases Mobile Backend Starter for iOS

Google has launched new cloud-based development tools, enabling developers to connect to cloud services simply and cheaply.

In releasing Mobile Backend Starter for iOS, Google staked a claim to a platform beneath Android and beneath iOS, and one that is potentially more sustainable and lucrative over the long term than either of them.

Mobile Backend Starter for iOS provides data, notifications, status, and authentication services for iPhone and iPad apps, using the same infrastructure built on Google App Engine that Google made available for Android developers in April of this year. Getting started is as simple as filling out a web form to deploy a backend for your app, and then setting up an app in Apple’s Xcode development tool with appropriate Google connections and authentications. Backend Starter gives developers significant cloud services for free.

Developers have the ability to go further by using Google’s open source code template on Github.  This allows developers to focus on the user interface and leave the cloud and backend services to Google. The toolset also enables cross-platform development with the same backend and the same cloud-based compute and storage capabilities accessible to both your iOS and Android apps.

Check it out here.

Image by brionv.

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