Google Now alerts come to Chrome desktop for developers

To further unify peoples’ desktop and mobile experience, Google has brought its Google Nownotification service to the Chrome browser.

Google Now cards are available in the latest Mac and Windows build of Chrome Canary, a pre-release version of Google’s desktop web browser for developers. You can enable it by entering “chrome://flags/#enable-google-now” into the address bar, then restarting your computer. Google alerts will then appear on your desktop: weather, sports scores, commute traffic, event reminders, and more. Some of the alerts are based on the location of your mobile device.

Google has been working for more than a year on Chrome integration for Google Now, which is already available on iOS and Android. Google, like Firefox developer Mozilla, is trying to make web apps more competitive with native apps for PC and mobile devices. In some cases, websites will open as full-screen web apps that sit alongside native apps.

Image by fimoculous.

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