Google launches Chrome DevTools for Mobile

Google announced an update to Chrome 32 beta for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android that adds a new feature: Chrome DevTools for Mobile.  The new addition lets developers build and debug mobile Web apps through an improved viewport emulation and zero-configuration, screencast-enabled remote debugging.

You can test your app’s performance on a device, with the newly-added support for native USB discovery of connected devices.  No configuration is necessary, the adb command line tool is entirely optional, and you don’t need extensions to see all instances of Chrome and WebView on connected devices. While connected over USB, you can just screencast the full viewport content from the device to DevTools.  Keyboard and mouse events are sent from DevTools to your device, so you don’t need to touch it while you’re testing your apps.

Mobile emulation, USB debugging, and screencasting should make it even easier for developers to build, inspect, and debug their mobile apps.

Image by craigdietrich.

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