Google Glasses hit eBay

Last week, it was announced that Google had finalised the list of 8,000 people who would be receiving Google Glasses to sample, ready for pick up later in the year.

To even be considered for this, you were required to fill out an extensive application form detailing how they were to be used, pay $1,500 for the pleasure of getting them before the rest of the world, as well as pick them up in person at the Google offices.

But it seems that someone with an early version of Google Glass has decided to put them up on eBay. Currently the bid sits at over $15,000.

No confirmation on whether this is the real deal, a joke, or a PR stunt by Google itself. But, if the Glasses do go for the current bid price, maybe we’ll see a rush of headsets appearing for purchase.

Image by searchinfluence.

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