Google developing SDK for wearable devices

In yesterday’s breaking news, Google has announced it will release an Android software-development kit (SDK)  for wearable devices in two weeks time.  With the view to make it easier for lots of wearables to run on the Android operating system.

Google has already turned out the Glass wearable device however, there is stiff competition from lots of other companies working on wearables, such as OnBeep or Vuzix, which run with different operating systems.  So developers writing apps on those operating systems are not working inside a common ecosystem.  This has left a gap in the market for a common SDK (same protocols) to lighten the burden on wearable makers to do everything on their own.

This is a strategic move from Google, with the potential to cement it as the enabler of a wearable platform, just as it has made Android a common platform for mobile phones and tablets, alongside Apple.  Watch this space, with growing speculation that Apple will develop an iOS version of the wearable SDK of its own soon, to keep Google from running away with wearable market.

Check out the full story here.

Image by tedeytan.

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