Gamers Everywhere are Elated with E3 Announcements

This past week was filled with news and announcements from the leading companies in the world of gaming who descended on on Los Angeles for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to show off both hardware and their latest gaming titles. The conference organizer, the Entertainment Software Association, reported that “more than one million E3-related videos were posted to YouTube”.  So, while we like the idea of binge-watching videos all weekend, we don’t have that much time – and we’re guessing you don’t either.

We’ve had a look around the interwebs, and have found some of the more interesting stories to come of out of E3 this past week. Read on to see the stories that caught our attention, and made our fingers twitch in reflexive anticipation.

For starters, the team at Nintendo started their portion of the show (i.e., press conference) with executives in the form of Muppets who morph into animal-inspired characters. This video is worth a watch.

The team from Microsoft brought out toys sure to delight the hardcore gamer. They announced both “elite controller” for the Xbox One, and they showed off the ever-popular Minecraft being placed via the HoloLens virtual reality headset. The new controller is set to retail for $150 (more than double the price of the normal controller) and is expected to hit shelves this fall (Christmas wish list anyone?), while the release date for the HoloLens remains a mystery. Of course, VR headsets continued to be top of mind (no pun intended) at E3 this year.

Another interesting trend observed at E3 this year: there is a preponderance of female protagonists being introduced to many of the games that were being shown off. And happily, not all of these characters are the stereotypical portrayal of women that make young male gamers giggle with embarassment.

The one game that makes us giddy with anticipation is called “No Man’s Sky” from UK-based Hello Games (featured image above is a screenshot from the game). It is being developed for the PS4, and it will literally offer the user access to what the game developers describe as an “infinite procedurally generated universe.” We think that means it goes on and on, forever. We swear this is not an exaggeration. If the demo given during E3 is true (take a few minutes to watch the video below), there will be an infinite number of worlds to explore, conquer, and if you’re so inclined, blow up. It looks fantastic. We can hardly wait.

If you want to see what others thought about this year’s E3 offerings, the collections from VentureBeat and CNet (among the many) are certainly worth a quick read.

And, if you missed all the joy that E3 had to offer this year, the dates for next year have already been announced. Mark your calendars, and pack your game controllers, the next E3 is only a year away: June 14 – 16, 2016 in L.A.

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