Join us at the Future Developer Summit 2019

For the third year in a row, Catchy will be a sponsor of the Future Developer Summit. Created by Slash Data, the event brings together leaders in the developer marketing industry to discuss their approach to building and growing a third-party developer ecosystem.

This year’s theme is diversity. Attendees from more than 50 companies and 20 speakers will discuss the value of and best practice approach to creating diversity in a developer community. 

Topics covered alongside diversity mirror many of the services we offer clients at Catchy. Designing developer personas, engaging open source developers, creating great documentation, developer experience, and building a developer relations team. We enjoy the event because it promotes a truly open format where sessions are peer-led and encourage discussion and collaboration.

If you’re interested in attending, please drop us an email to helloUSA@catchyagency.com. If you’re already attending, I look forward to meeting you there, maybe over one of the Catchy sponsored dinners.

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