FTC crack down on under-age Gamers

In response to the strict revisions to the  Child Online Privacy Protection Act there have been an increase in the number of start-up companies like AgeCheq, who are helping gaming outfits and app developers avoid the impending crackdown.

The COPPA II tweaks now mean that game publishers and others in the mobile space have to self-enforce the law, making sure that anyone 13 years old or younger are not downloading their apps and logging into their game sites.  For game publishers and mobile sector operators, the grace period is now over.

AgeCheq are ensuring COPPA compliance for app publishers by verifying the ages of people using apps and games and giving parents control over what information their children will be shared.  It also allows parents to simultaneously know what their kids are doing online.  This is a very pragmatic move from AgeCheq, as the FTC’s grip tightens on the mobile industry it will just mean more business for them.

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Image by Neeta Lind

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