Firefox phone now has exclusive apps and global growth

Firefox OS, the web-based mobile operating system from Mozilla, is making progress toward getting its robust app ecosystem up and running.  Mozilla shares just how quick the platform is growing in a recent blog post.

It’s been just a few months since the Firefox Marketplace opened with the first Firefox OS launch, but it has seen significant momentum with thousands of apps now available, including some that are exclusive to the Firefox Marketplace.

One major partner for Firefox OS’s expansion around the world has been international carrier Telefonica.  Telefonica has launched Firefox OS devices in seven countries, and is already seeing strong sales growth; Firefox OS accounts for 12 percent of smartphone sales in Venezuela; and 9 percent in Colombia.  App distribution for a free-for-all, web-based OS has been a main concern for Firefox OS critics; Firefox Marketplace is the answer to that question.

The challenge has been getting apps onto the new platform. However, Mozilla believe making a Firefox OS app is the same as making a web app that’s mobile optimised — something every developer should be doing.

“In essence, with Firefox OS, we made app discovery as easy as browsing the web, and we give you a very good reason to brush up the mobile optimized web sites you already have on the web,” wrote Chris Heilmann, from Mozilla.

With Firefox OS’s expansion into new markets around the globe, Firefox Marketplace apps give developers new reach, especially for territories and cultures they understand well.

Image by Wojciech Szczęsny.

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