Firefox OS opens market for web developers

The first Firefox OS-based phone will soon be released in the US and UK. The device is from ZTE  and will be sold on eBay for £59.99 to ensure as many consumers as possible have the opportunity to purchase this phone. The entire OS and phone experience is built on web standards such as HTML5JavaScript, and CSS, instead of compiled languages. Web developers can build for the mobile OS using familiar tools – they don’t need to learn an entire programming language. Mozilla has developed new web APIs for access to things like Bluetooth and battery status, which were traditionally only available in native apps via the web.

The phone itself is very basic with a platform steered towards the first-time smartphone owners and developers with web experience. Firefox is in a very competitive market with Google and Apple, however the new device has an Adaptive App Search which gives a completely customised experience and helps consumers get the exact content they want by surfacing relevant and useful apps to encourage engagement from users without overwhelming them. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by leading companies, Apple and Google, with long term smartphone users becoming overwhelmed by the vast amount of app choices. If Firefox succeeds with the use of the Adaptive App Search it will find a niche at the lower end of the OS market.

Image by Janitors.

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