Famo.us releases new Javascript framework

After three years of development, Famo.us has released a public beta test of its Javascript framework, which lets developers create HTML5-powered mobile apps that are just as fast and fluid as native apps.

While the Famo.us pitch may just sound like marketing spin, the company has released a few demos showing off the potential of its framework. With Famo.us, founder Steve Newcomb plans to deliver us from the “original sin” of browsers with the company’s own JavaScript-based 3D rendering and physics engines, which will replace the engines developers currently rely on in browsers.

Famo.us will be free and open source, though it plans to eventually offer optional cloud services that developers can subscribe to. The company plans to relaunch its website tonight to open up the framework to all. Famo.us received more than 70,000 signups for its private beta test, so the company is bracing itself for a strong response to the beta test.

Image by Medialab Prado.

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