Facebook updates its Android SDK to attract Android developers

Facebook updated its SDK for iOS developers in April which included new and improved products that enable rich native sharing experiences and make it easier to implement Open Graph on mobile. These SDK updates are now coming to Android along with Share Dialog and support for the Object API.

Share Dialog makes it easier for developers to build in-app activity sharing to their apps so users don’t have to log in to Facebook to share what they’re doing in the app to the social network. Object API makes it easier for developers to integrate Open Graph into Android apps. Android developers can now directly create Open Graph objects, and no longer need to host webpages with Open Graph tags. The login UI has been redesigned to allow Facebook to load faster on mobile devices.

The new SDK updates aim to make integrating Facebook into third party apps easy for Android developers. More than 87% of the top grossing iOS apps integrate with Facebook compared to just 73% of the top grossing 100 Android apps. So Android continues to play catch up despite the fact that it is fast approaching 80% global share of the smartphone market.

Find out more about the SDK here.

Image by Johan Larsson.

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