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I was delighted to be invited to speak at Developer Week New York recently. It was a great event but I was a little disappointed with the end result from a Catchy perspective. The developer focused tracks were really well attended, but the track aimed at Dev Execs and Developer Program Managers much less so. I’m sure the Developer Week team will improve on this if they decide to continue with this track in future events, but for 2017 it made me consider again the relative scarcity of events aimed at practitioners of developer program management and developer marketing.

If it’s your job to create, grow or manage a developer program or run developer marketing campaigns where do you go for inspiration, learning and to engage with your fellow professionals?

There are a few notable events such as the always excellent Evans Data Developer Relations Conference, their upcoming Developer Marketing Summit and the Vision Mobile Future Developer Summit. These are all really strong events for developer program managers to meet and engage with their fellow professionals. In addition, there is the Developer Program Managers Association (DPMA).

The DPMA is a trade organization set up specifically to help professionals who create lead and manage developer programs. They run a series of events and webinars, with the most recent event focusing on Developer Program ROI and included contributions from Intel and Intuit on how they measure the return on investment and success of their developer programs. If you’re a developer program manager check out the DPMA, it’s still in it’s early stages so you have a chance to help shape the association as well as benefit from it.

I hope Developer Week continues to work in their DevExec track and that other major developer oriented events take a look at this market as well. The management and marketing of developer programs is entering the mainstream consciousness of business globally. We know that the ‘build it and they will come’ mindset doesn’t work, so the more events and knowledge sharing opportunities there are available to professionals in this space, the faster success will follow for all involved.

Disclaimer – Richard Hurring is Board member of the DPMA.
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