Evan’s Data Conference: Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple”– C.W. Ceran

As one immerses into the world of developers, it is quite easy for things to get extremely complicated, very quickly. Working with technology does not mean the communication and tools surrounding need to be caught up in the same complexities. Hence, the reminder of KISS consistently popping up as we spent two full days at this year’s Evans Data Conference in Palo Alto, CA.

The developer engagement path that a number of tech brands presented, including IBM, Twilio, and Salesforce, can ultimately be distilled down to a common journey of acquisition -> outreach -> nurture. When building out any campaign or program along this path, there can always be more ways to cut down friction for your targeted developer. Less is more. This could be in the actual message in your email blast, the frequency you reach out to your community, or even the number of steps it takes for a dev to download your API. Results from Evans Data’s annual developer survey show that the top two factors devs measure success from any program are the following: increase in personal productivity, and if it provides a quantifiable financial benefit. Keeping these two factors top of mind during any program creation can help drive down any unnecessary pieces.

Lastly, creativity is both appreciated and a consistent trait found in devs (surprising for some I’m sure). This message was common throughout almost all the presentations at the conference, and within research findings from Evans. The extra personalization or effort in making something different and fun can win you much sought after loyalty points from devs.

Want to build a world-class developer network? Remember to keep it simple and creative!






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