Essentials – when is an app store not an app store?

The traditional app store comprises of applications available on their targeted device. iOS apps for the App Store, Android apps for Google Play, Windows Phone apps go onto the Marketplace, and so on. However, the space is still relatively new and increasing rapidly.

With the launch of the Amazon App Store over a year ago, the imminent launch of the Facebook App Centre and even with Spotify getting in on the action with two more apps based around dating, this seems to be a push by others to establish themselves as genre specific application hubs.

This opens up a number of questions, among which; where will you be getting your apps from and will you divide your downloading to separate stores or head solely to one for your latest fix?

Inevitably the circle of life for any app occurs when we share our experiences with others. You download it. You share it. They download it. They share it. Rinse and repeat. Nonetheless the maturity and decline of apps are usually based on the attractiveness of interaction and type of app. Different genres of apps are used in different ways by consumers and as such have varying shelf-lives.

Are we going to see a shift in focus from search-all find-all app stores which allow you to view categories of apps to genre-specific app stores which allow you access to a single type of app? If we are, then we are more than likely to find that the life-cycle of an app on any platform, change dramatically. For instance, once you are over the initial hype of a new game, you tend to keep it on your phone to pick up at another time. The new age of game specific stores will certainly mean that consumers are more often visiting these sites to check out the latest game to replace their now dropped and forgotten game.

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