Embarcadero launches RAD Studio XE5

RAD Studio is a unique application which eases the cost and complexity of creating mobile applications by allowing true native deployment across Windows, Mac, iOS and (with the introduction of XE5) now Android.

With RAD Studio’s multi-device app development, developers don’t have to maintain separate development projects to deliver apps natively for multiple devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones) on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X). RAD Studio makes it easy to build complete end-to-end mobile solutions and script-free, true native apps that expose the full range of device capabilities and performance in the underlying devices.

Tools such as RAD Studio are certainly important; an example being one of Embarcadero‘s current clients, Hitachi, whose previous code deployed across Windows, Mac, and iOS – can now, in XE5, be deployed to Android.

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Image by thms.nl.

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