E-commerce is now the best mobile monetization strategy

A recent Visionmobile survey has highlighted that for large numbers of app developers e-commerce is fast becoming the most lucrative mobile monetization strategy.

Visionmobile found that for app developers who do not have massive viral hits, e-commerce is the clear winner, despite only 8% of app developers currently using it.  The survey claims that “The median revenues of organizations involved in e-commerce are $2,750 per app/month, by far the highest among all app revenue models ”.  This is largely accountable to Amazon’s game-changing Mobile Associates API, which allows developers to feature Amazon products and earn up to 6% of their purchase price when users buy them.  Within just two quarters the number of developers using this strategy has jumped from 5% to 8%.

Check out the full survey here for more insights on monetization strategies.

Image by  Irita Kirsbluma.


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