Do you believe in ‘Magic’? You should.

And in this case, we’re not talking about the magic of Criss Angel, or the magic in a young girl’s heart … We mean the power to get whatever you want (as long as it is legal) delivered directly to your door, with just a simple text message. And as the service promises, it will be delivered “on demand with no hassle.”

This service is known as “Magic“. It is only available in the U.S. at this time, although we expect that to change. And, for most, there is a serious waiting list just to TRY the service for the first time. But we’re cool enough (or so we keep telling ourselves), that we were able to bypass the wait list entirely (even ahead of people who had to play the “press” card to give it a shot) and try the service for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Oddly enough, it was April 1 when we had the chance to send our first text message to the Magic service, and happily it was no joke.

To begin, you simply text the word “Magic” to the service (at the number they provide to you), and then you get a Welcome message in reply. This includes instructions on how to use the service, and the question: “What can I do for you today?”

So far so good, right? We have simple needs, so we thought we would ask for something that would be a total stumper! If you’re going to test the service, you need to try to push it to the limits.

The request we sent was to get one dozen maple-frosted, cake-style donuts – and they could not be the yucky ones served up by a certain local donut chain that is on every street corner where our tester lives. If it were that easy, he could just climb in the car and get them himself. These had to be donuts that would conjure up memories of childhood and induce a sugar-laden food coma.

The person (magician?) at the other end of the service asked for the tester’s delivery address, and then asked for 15 minutes in order to “put together the best option for delivery”. In other words, they are doing the heavy-lifting for you, and making all of the arrangements for the service you are requesting. And in hindsight, food delivery is probably an easy one for them, considering they will also book airline tickets, get flowers or groceries – you name it.

After working out how our tester would pay for this “snack” (it was a personal expense, we promise), the order was placed less than 30 minutes later, and from there one dozen freshly made, oozing with maple frosting cake-style donuts was delivered – cheerfully – to the residence about two hours after the initial inquiry was made. The delivery gal tried to refuse the tip, but our tester was happy at the sight of these donuts and insisted she keep it. Below are some of the donuts that arrived – you can almost taste them, and we’re fairly convinced they were frosted right in the box just before delivery! (See photo for proof.) Needless to say, these tasty treats did not last long.


Would it have been cheaper – and possibly faster – to go out to the shop, and get these donuts on your own? Perhaps. But now that Magic will do the work for you, why bother?

The person replying to our text messages was courteous, efficient and made the whole process ridiculously easy. We will definitely be using it on a regular basis – and not just for donuts!

The idea of Magic takes customer service to an entirely new level, and sets a new standard for others to aspire to. You need something in a hurry? They can do that. You need something that seems hard to find? No problem. You’re too tired to leave the house? They’ve got you covered.

Is it too good to be true? We hope not. As long as the service can scale to meet demand, and as long as transactions continue to be completed efficiently and with grace, they will win over customers for life.

You should try Magic, too. And be sure to read their FAQs so you can see just what they promise to do.

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