DirectX 12 will turbocharge Windows Phone gaming

The mobile gaming segment is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the technological advancements that allow both hardware manufacturers and software developers to create better games for us to play on-the-go.  NVIDIA is not the only System on a Chip (SoC) manufacturer which has a great interest in improving our gaming experience.

Microsoft has recently made the DirectX 12 gaming environment official, and unlike in past years, DX 12 will be the first version to be released, at the same time, on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and on desktops, as well as consoles.  While ongoing Snapdragon SoCs support DirectX 9.3 and 11, Qualcomm recently announced that it has worked side-by-side with Microsoft in order to optimize DX 12 and the Windows mobile platform to take advantage of the SoC’s Adreno graphics chip. According to the chip maker, DirectX 12 will turbocharge gaming on Windows Phone Snapdragon-powered smartphones in numerous ways.

The APIs and libraries brought by DX 12 allow for a more efficient use of the processor’s multi-core architecture and the GPU itself will also be used more efficiently in order to increase performance while reducing the amount of watts required.

According to Qualcomm, this will result in better looking games that won’t chew through your smartphone’s battery like there’s no tomorrow.

Image by vernonchan.

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