Developers enjoy revenue boost thanks to Amazon’s virtual money

After three months of Amazon launching Amazon Coins, weekly revenue has increased by 50% for almost half the developers who monetised their Amazon apps using Coins. Customers have already spent hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins, which represent real dollars to developers, who receive a 70% revenue share.

Amazon Coins were introduced in order for developers to be able to drive traffic,downloads and monetise their Kindle Fire apps. Amazon gave every US Kindle Fire owner 500 Coins ($5) to spend on games, apps or In-App Purchasing items (except subscriptions). Customers can buy more Coins from Amazon at a bulk discount up to 10%. The more customers use their coins the more money developers can earn. Amazon believe customers are willing to use their Coins to explore new apps, games and in-app items.

As over 75% of Android apps submitted work on the Kindle Fire, without any additional development, it’s a great time to get started.

Image by kodomut.

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