Catchy Developer Marketing Framework: Portal

One of the six components of the Catchy Developer Marketing Framework is Portal. When planning and building a developer program, the Portal is one of the first components that should be considered.

All other components of the Developer Marketing Framework lean on the Portal. Value Proposition is communicated via the portal. Content is housed in the portal. Community members gather and engage within the portal. Events are listed on the portal. Channels are linked from the portal.

There is no standard template for designing the Portal and no two Portals look or feel the same. The critical elements and information architecture depend on different factors such as the technology offering, maturity of the organization, the developer audience motivations, etc.

Below is a list of elements that should be considered when designing a Portal, including links to example pages from the Portals of the world’s biggest brands.

Have questions about which elements you should leverage in your Portal or how to bring the elements together to support your developer experience? Please give us a shout and let’s talk through your needs.


Developer Portal Elements:

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