Developer Feedback: Advance Your Career and Influence Future Technologies

Customer journey. Customer centric. Value chain. Influencer marketing. Customer lifecycle. The list of new marketing and customer service buzzwords seems endless. As a developer, can you afford to tune-out these strategies, assuming they do not apply to your role? After all, your job is simply to write code, right? The truth is, that attitude will ultimately stifle your career and inhibit the growth of the technologies you so passionately develop. “The distinction between what is marketing and what is technology is blurring,” admitted Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen at the company’s annual conference. Acknowledging this correlation and making a meaningful contribution benefits your industry and your career. Here’s how.

Develop the Characteristics of a Stand-out Programmer

“The best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers, said Software Engineer and Writer Robert Glass. How can you ensure you’re on the “best programmers” list? According to Entrepreneur magazine’s 15 Characteristics of a Good Programmer, a holistic business perspective and a teamwork mentality are two essential mindsets. A valuable programmer has the ability to look beyond the current code and understand how what he/she is doing fits into the company’s mission. Providing feedback and suggesting new applications that will ultimately improve operations is invaluable to your organization and industry, and develops your holistic thinking skills. Look at the big picture. How can your knowledge of how a product or technology works fit into marketing campaigns, product roadmaps, launching events or the customer journey?

Your input from a technical perspective is integral to a successful product launch. The ability to work with sales, marketing, communications and other departments makes you a valuable part of the team and hones your skills. The better you understand the problems your applications are aiming to solve, the better developer you will be. Establish a productive relationship with other key departments and developer communities, providing valuable feedback and becoming part of the entire development process benefits your career.

Do it for Future Technologies

Providing valuable feedback isn’t only about advancing your own career. It plays a vital role in influencing future technologies. “Developers are increasingly regarded as visionaries and architects of digital transformation as opposed to executors of a pre-defined plan delivered by centralized IT leadership,” stated a recent IDC survey. Is that how you view your role? Through strategic thinking, collaboration and decision-making, developers are having more and more influence over what technologies hit the market and what tools are purchased by individual organizations.

How are developers transforming future technologies? “Developers prioritize decentralized collaboration and code contributions as well as transparent documentation of the reasoning for code-related decisions,” stated the IDC survey. Open feedback and communication between developers has led to enormous advances in technology, and will no doubt continue to do so. Just think of how the open source community has influenced the Internet of Things (IoT), Smartphones, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many other advances. These huge technological leaps have come about because of sharing ideas, not simply ideas between developers working on the same team, but sharing ideas among communities of developers.

How to Provide Feedback

We discussed the importance of feedback within your organization. Inter-departmental communication is critical to sharing developer insights. However, how do you influence technology development as a whole? Join an influential tech community, such as The Developer Voice. The Developer Voice joins companies launching tools with developers who can provide critical feedback on improvements, recommend designs for product roadmaps, give input about marketing strategies and many more critical insights. The platform aims to engage both sides and encourages collaboration through surveys, focus groups, interviews and expert panels. Make a contribution to future technologies while developing collaboration skills that will make you a sought-after developer.

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