Crashlytics unveils Beta testing tool for app developers

A mobile company named Crashlytics (owned by Twitter), is testing a new tool that allows developers to beta test their apps with real users.  The beta distribution tool allows developers to import early versions of their iOS or Android mobile apps to users, in order to test for bugs and receive feedback.

Twitter purchased Crashlytics back in January 2013 for more than $100 million, and have only just released information about the new developer tool.  This comes less than a week after Apple acquired another app developer tool named TestFlight, thus leaving a gap in the market for an Android support program.  Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that developers will all turn to Crashlytics, with other companies offering Android beta testing tools including HockeyApp and Google.  Developers who wish to apply for Crashlytics’s beta testing tool can do so here.

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Image by Podknox

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