Cortana heads to UK and China

Microsoft’s personal voice-assistant app for Windows Phone, called Cortana, is due to arrive in the United Kingdom and China in a matter of weeks.

Cortana launched officially in the United States on April 2, 2014 at the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in San Francisco. The personal digital assistant was originally slated to arrive in the UK and China in late 2014, however recent reports suggest that Microsoft is keen to compete in global markets sooner.

Named after an artificially intelligent character from Microsoft’s Halo games, Cortana is part of a Windows-wide refresh. Powered by Bing, the app responds to voiced and typed queries, and can provide reminders and travel advice, similar to Apple’s Siri. However Cortana is unique in its ability to get to know users– the digital assistant keeps a notebook of your preferences, interests and closest friends, and learns your schedule in order to better meet requests.

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