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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Continued growth for Mobile Messenger Apps

The global mobile messaging space has long been a high-growth and value space, with mobile messaging becoming second nature to billions.  There has been a large take-up in the developing world where it is the primary form of electronic communication.

The recent WhatsApp deal demonstrates the importance of connectivity by other means than the Internet i.e. the use of text messaging on mobile phones.  WhatsApp pioneered a non-paternalistic international approach that facilitated easier connectivity in the developing world.  And finally, WhatsApp’s focus has been on personal use, allowing the company to rapidly gain momentum.  Together with an advertisement-free experience, WhatsApp has found an incredibly successful key selling point.

We are now witnessing the ways in which the affordability of mobile devices have enabled people in emerging markets to finally have connectivity and services like WhatsApp have tapped into this, making connectivity affordable for personal use globally.  The continued democratization of mobile communications in emerging markets and the implications of the rise of mobile communications are boundless – so watch this space!

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Image by  Sam Azgor