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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Why Content Marketing?

Useful technical and non-technical content should be at the core of your developer program.

We all know traditional marketing tactics and techniques are no longer proving to be effective and that’s especially true in the developer world. Brands need to differentiate, add value, gain trust and build a strong reputation through all touch-points they have with their target audience, which is increasingly challenging in a rapidly noisy and disruptive digital era. Content marketing is a powerful tool that can enable brands to have solid and long-standing relationships with developers.

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as:

a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

For content to resonate with developers it needs to be helpful and add value, great content should also be thought-provoking and inspire developers to do what they do best, innovate. Content for developers should aim to help them solve problems, enable them to be innovative and of course, it must be accessible and easy to find.

Finding the time, resources, technical acumen, and right distribution channels can be difficult. In our experience working with teams across the whole spectrum, from well funded startups to Fortune 100 companies, we’ve been able to identify the following common challenges:

Quality and Volume

These are two common symptoms we hear when a clearly defined content marketing strategy isn't in place or lacks executive buy-in. In other cases, the team is swamped balancing other priorities and content production gets deprioritized and put on the back burner.

Access and Distribution

Writing great content is one thing, but developers need to be able to find it easily. Choosing the right distribution channels and ensuring they have easy access to your content is vital. Developer programs with little or no content at all can jeopardize the success of the program.

Return on Investment

Hundreds of articles, thousands of views and shares... so what? Writing content which resonates with your developer audience is key, otherwise it's wasted time and investment. Spending time understand what developers want and need is time well spent.

These problems are not uncommon in any business and are organic challenges that are part of the life of a developer marketer. Companies that prioritize growth over vanity and act quickly to correct these deficiencies tend to win the long race. Today’s speed of innovation and technology adoption alter the complexities and challenges of marketing developer programs and platforms and developer program managers and marketers can’t afford to invest in content creation and promotion without seeing both short and long-term results.

The Content Marketing for Developer Program solution focuses on addressing these business challenges, in a bespoke and tailored way specifically for teams responsible for the success of developer programs and platforms.

Content strategy, production, distribution, and amplification are the foundation of our program. We make sure your content reaches the right developer audience and at the appropriate stage of their technology adoption journey.

A great content marketing strategy places the focus on the continual growth of the audience as an asset with many, many attributes. These are people who trust us, engage with us, want to hear from us, and will – over time – exchange value with our business in many ways.

-Robert Rose

How This Program Can Help You

Bespoke digital assets created and distributed to stimulate interest and facilitate technical understanding.

Marketing and Technical Copywriting

Production of relevant and engaging content to help developers better understand why and how your platform is of value to them.

Content Inventory Assessment

Align your extensive content inventory to the needs of the developer. Repurpose, rebuild, and refresh your previous investments in content production.

Content Distribution

Inbound marketing defines a clear channel selection criteria to effectively reach and engage the right developers with the right content.

Content Creation Workshops

Workshop aimed at helping your engineering team become comfortable with creating marketing content.

Editorial Process Management

Remove speed bumps and waste from your content production operation. We will help you find ways to produce the right content in a sustainable fashion for the business.

Creative Design

Pixels matter. After making sure your content has substance, we will make sure it is designed and packaged in the best way possible for its intended audience.

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